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What are the problems in the development of injection mold industry?

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Some of the major problems that exist today will be better solved through domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation, industry-wide and joint efforts from all parties. However, if the development of China's injection mold industry wants to catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries, the following problems still exist:

Unbalanced development and low overall product level. Although the products of some plastic mold companies have reached a very high level, close to international standards, but in general, the precision mold cavity surface roughness, production cycle, life and other indicators with foreign advanced level is still more than 10 years.

The technical equipment is backward and the organization and coordination are poor. Although some enterprises have more advanced technology and equipment level through technological innovation. But most enterprises are backward in technology and equipment. More importantly, it is difficult for our enterprises to integrate or mobilize social resources very well in terms of organization and coordination, so it is difficult to undertake large-scale projects.

Most plastic mold enterprises have weak development capability. On the one hand, the proportion of technical personnel is low, and the level of technical personnel is not high enough. On the other hand, R & D investment is relatively small. More importantly, R & D has not been taken seriously.

Management problems. Technological backwardness is easy to see, but management problems are much more difficult to find. The gap between plastic mold enterprises at home and abroad is particularly evident in management.

The development of production can not keep up with market demand, so it is difficult to solve the contradiction between supply and demand. The supply contradiction in the domestic market will continue for some time, especially for high-end products.

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