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What are the common polishing methods for automobile mold parts?

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There are 6 ways to polish automobile die parts:

mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing is a kind of polishing method which gets smooth surface by cutting and removing the convex part after polishing. In general, the polishing method uses oil-stone strips, wool wheels, abrasive paper and so on. It mainly operates by hand. Special parts such as the surface of the revolving body can be used with auxiliary tools such as turntable. Super-precision lapping and polishing can be used if the surface quality requirements are high. The way.

chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is to allow the material in the chemical medium surface micro-protruding part of the concave part of the preferential dissolution, so as to obtain a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it does not require complex equipment and can polish complex parts.

Electrolytic polishing

The basic principle of electropolishing is the same as that of chemical polishing, that is, to smooth the surface by selectively dissolving the tiny projections on the surface of the material. Compared with chemical polishing, the effect of cathode reaction can be eliminated and the effect is better.

Ultrasonic polishing

The mold parts are put into the suspension of abrasive and placed together in the ultrasonic field. The abrasive is grinded and polished on the surface of the workpiece by the oscillation of ultrasonic wave. Ultrasonic machining has little macroscopic force and will not cause deformation of workpiece, but the manufacture and installation of tooling are more difficult.

Die fittings

Fluid polishing

Fluid polishing depends on the high-speed flow of liquid and abrasive particles carried by the surface of the workpiece to achieve polishing purposes. Common methods are abrasive jet machining, liquid jet machining, fluid dynamic grinding and so on.

Magnetic abrasive finishing

Magnetic abrasive finishing is to use magnetic abrasive to form abrasive brush under the action of magnetic field and to grind the workpiece. This method has high processing efficiency, good quality, easy control of processing conditions and good working conditions.

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