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What are the factors to be considered when grinding dies?

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There are many kinds of grinding methods for automobile stamping die, which can be realized by special grinding machine or surface grinding machine. The frequency of punching and lower die grinding is generally 4:1. After grinding, please adjust the die height.

The harm of improper grinding method: improper grinding will aggravate the rapid damage of the die edge, resulting in a greatly reduced number of hits per grinding.

The advantage of the right grinding method is that regular grinding dies, punching quality and accuracy can be kept stable. The blade of the die is damaged slowly and has a longer life.

Sharpening rule

The following factors should be considered when grinding dies.

The edge rounded corners should be sharpened at the edge of R0.1-0.25 mm.

Clean the surface of the grinding wheel.

A loose, coarse and soft grinding wheel is recommended.

Each time the grinding amount (knife feed) should not exceed 0.013 mm, grinding excess will cause mold surface overheating, equivalent to annealing treatment, mold softening, greatly reducing mold life.

Sufficient coolant must be added when grinding.

It is necessary to ensure that the punch and the lower die are fixed and stable when grinding.

The grinding amount of the die is definite. If the value is reached, the punch must be scrapped. If you continue to use, it is easy to damage the mold and machine.

After grinding, the edges should be treated with oil stone, and the sharp edges should be removed.

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