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What are the other functions of the general car body foundation coating?

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Foundation coating for box section member

When the body is overhauled, it is found that rust stains and steel plates become thin and penetrated in the places where the original sheet metal parts were repaired due to accident. This is due to the neglect of internal rust prevention and rust seepage and expansion. These van cross-section components are often the main load components of the integral body, which will have an important impact on the crashworthiness and durability of the vehicle. Therefore, rust proof treatment must be done in the box section or bag shaped components.

The anti-rust wax inside the car body is a good assistant for cavity protection. It has excellent permeability and is easy to penetrate into all corners and joints. It has the properties of moisture resistance and drainage. It can prevent the cavities without paint spraying on the car body from rusting and wearing. It can also prevent the interior rusting of the welding place of the car body plate. In addition, special spraying rods and nozzles can also be used to coat the inner surface of these plates. Ensure final maintenance quality.

Other functions of vehicle body foundation painting

Shockproof treatment at the junction of skeleton and skin

After decomposition of the engine cover and the trunk cover, the body sealant must be added between the skin and the lining before closing. This can make the closed skin close to the lining, otherwise the skin will be loose, open or close the hood or trunk cover will have abnormal sound, in the course of driving may also produce resonance.

Heat insulation, moisture-proof and noise proof treatment of car body soleplate

In order to absorb the vibration and noise caused by vehicle movement, it is necessary to polish the metal surface of sheet metal components and welded parts and spray anti-rust primer on the upper surface of car body bottom plate.

For the lower surface of the body bottom (outside side of the body), the exposed and repaired metal surface should be thoroughly polished and cleaned, the surrounding will be completely removed from the original paint, sprayed 1-2 layers of anti-rust primer, after drying, in the joint and cracks in the MSP car sealant or similar products, and then sprayed Rustproof and anti-collision primer. After such treatment, the bottom plate of the car body can enhance the anticorrosion performance and reduce the impact of rock-strike noise on the car.

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